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Packed with zinc, this formula is designed to halt viral replication in its tracks while supporting the cells that mediate immunity, ensuring a robust defense system. Additionally, it's enriched with Vitamin C to elevate lymphocyte and phagocyte production, bolstering your body's frontline defenders.



Lactated Ringer’s or
Sodium Chloride

Lactated Ringer's and Sodium Chloride solutions provide essential hydration and help maintain proper electrolyte balance. This is crucial for optimal cellular function, muscle contraction, and overall bodily functions.

Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, proven to help neutralize the free radicals in our body thatlead to oxidative stress. This helps to prevent premature skin aging and delay the visible signs ofbiological skin aging.


Zinc blocks viral replication, and is crucial for normal development and function of cells mediatingnonspecific immunity such as neutrophils and natural killer cells.

Add ons:

B Plex

A blend of B Vitamins help to increase metabolism as cofactors for metabolizing carbs, fats andproteins. They support the immune system, red and white blood cell production, energy levels,cardiovascular health, inflammation, and more.


Glutathione is a super-powered antioxidant with free-radical scavenging activity that protects yourbody from disease and the effects of aging.


Tri-Immune refers to a supplement or treatment designed to support and boost the immune system by combining three key components, each known for its immune-enhancing properties. These components often include vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that work synergistically to enhance immune function.


B6 is key to the immune system as it also plays a role in producing white blood cells and T cells.These are key regulators in our immune response. B6 also helps the body make IL-2 which directsWBC activity.


Lysine is particularly noted for its role in preventing and treating herpes simplex infections, as it can inhibit the replication of the virus.

Disclaimer: Not to be used in pregnancy/nursing

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