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Founder of Great Hydration and Wellness

Tracee Serrano, RN 

Founder, Great Hydration and Wellness

As an entrepreneur, Tracee recognized the need for holistic preventative care and sought to provide health and wellness services to the community. As an experienced Registered Nurse (RN), spanning 11 years in various healthcare settings, including multiple healthcare facilities and administrative roles, she possessed a deep understanding of patient care and management. Her expertise in clinical judgment, critical thinking, and effective communication equipped her to offer personalized one-on-one experiences to promote health and wellness.

Starting the business herself as a founder of Great Hydration and Wellness, she embarked on this journey with a clear vision and a mission to provide holistic preventative care, leveraging her passion for promoting well-being. Despite facing challenges such as higher-than-anticipated costs and the need for client growth, she resolved these issues through strategic marketing initiatives, including word-of-mouth, referrals, TV commercials, and community outreach.

With a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation, she stays informed about industry trends and innovations, utilizing technology such as appointment scheduling software, electronic health records systems, and online marketing platforms to enhance operational efficiency and client experience. Guided by her passion, resilience, and empathy, she strives to make a positive impact on clients' lives, contributing to a nurturing and empowering environment at her health and wellness business.


"Rave Reviews: Transformative Experiences at Great Hydration and Wellness."

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